Wishing peace in your life, love in your heart and light to guide your way.
•Elizabeth Angela


Divine Guidance
The book originated in June of 2010, when Elizabeth was preparing study sheet for the students in her upcoming monthly classes. It soon grew to contain a large collection of her personal spiritual work, magickal notes, healing meditations and quotes. Elizabeth's greatest wish is that the information she's provided on the pages of this book will serve as a helpful guide for all those in need.

Divine Guidance is a straightforward and easy to understand resource guide to working with divine beings, divination, pendulums, spirit guides, totems, herbology, essential oils, color magick, candle magick, smudging, meditations and more. Delve in deep to discover your own personal attributes & spiritual gifts. Read over attribute information listed for Goddesses, Gods & Angels from around the world. A complete list of Healing herbs that includes flowers, plants, resins & woods. Full instructions and examples on how to properly blend magickal oils. Understand how to work with Color and Candle Magick. An extensive list of Gemstones by Intent (metaphysical properties). You will find complete instruction to guide you through four unique meditations that include; Daily Healing and Inner Peace. Divination, interpret vision dreams and work with your Spirit Guide. How to properly work with a Pendulum. Read over a list of ESP abilities to identify your own spiritual gifts. Helpful charts include: Birth Month Attributes, Numerology and the ancient Runes.


Luna Leaf
In 2003 Elizabeth created the character Luna and began telling the stories to her six months old son. By the time her daughter was born in 2005 the stories had grown to include Luna's family, friends and the town of Hidden Hollow. The first Luna Leaf books began as three separate short stories. Two years later, Elizabeth completed five more short stories. The eight stories were then compiled into one book that was published for readers to enjoy. Over the years Elizabeth has enjoyed reading the stories and teaching magickal crafting classes from the Luna Leaf book during festivals and other special events.

The fantasy fiction book Luna Leaf is a charming story beloved by young readers and adults alike.

"Our family shop, Leaf's Magick Cauldron, is one of the many businesses along the streets of Chalcedony Square. The shop has been in our family for centuries and someday I'll own it. My mom honestly hasn't been very interested in dating anyone, but now that the cafe owner Luke has taken notice of her I'm sure all of that will soon change. The way I look at it, life for us is about to get quite interesting."   -Luna Leaf


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