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The free Spiritual Guidance readings began in January 2012. From the beginning I decided instead of asking a general question to base the reading on, I would request this... please gift me foresight that will help spiritually guide everyone who reads this page.

My interpretation of this months reading is posted below. Keep in mind that the reading is meant to play-out over the period of one month. I suggest reading over it at the beginning, middle and end of each month, to see how it relates to the events in your life over this period of time.

I will continue to bring you a new monthly spiritual guidance reading and have it posted on-line by the seventh day of each month, so be sure to bookmark this page. You can also find me on Instagram and Facebook 

Wishing everyone peace in your life, love in your heart and light to guide your way.   
Elizabeth Angela  

July 2017
Spiritual Guidance Reading
4-Card Message from the Universe Tarot Reading
No Pity Parties for One... for no good ever comes from that attitude.
It's time to rise above and take accountability!

Your Body (Page of Pentacles) At this time your physical body is going through changes due to your present health and/or age... you may be entering the next phase in life (ie:maiden,mother,crone) and/or learning to live with a specific chronic health condition. You are being called to take a good look at how you're caring for yourself - physically, emotionally and spiritually! The physical care must be for both your internal and external body - so make the proper lifestyle and diet adjustment to do so. Once you have the proper focus on yourself (mind, body, spirit) things will become easier to handle.

Your Heart (Knight of Swords) A broken heart in need of honest healing can be overly guarded, outspoken and aggressive. Do you notice some type of constant motion in an attempt to escape the pain - only to find you can never escape yourself. You are being called to become both self aware of this injury as well as accountability for your own actions. It's time to delve deep within to tap into the courage needed to face your fears and seek/accept the help needed to heal your heart & emotional self. 

Your Mind (Four of Cups) Present worries and negativity is distracting you. You are being called to pay close attention to where your mind is wandering and where your attention is being pulled. Be physically and emotionally aware of your surrounds and the attitudes of those in your life (ie:personal and professional relationships) Choose to not engage in negative behavior/thoughts or allow them to influence your personal decisions. *A daily meditation and/or other inner peace calming exercises would be most beneficial.

Your Spirit (XVIII The Moon) The Moon represents things that are hidden from the sight of those who are blind in the dark of night... those who are having trouble tapping into their inner light or who have lost their way. You are being called to listen to the spiritual message being transmitted to you from your Spirit Guide/Guardian Angel. The messages may be delivered in a variety of ways such as dreams, visions and or external signs that repeat in order to gain your attention.. Your Spirit Guide/Guardian Angel is working diligently to assist you in finding your way, clarity in your present life and with your spiritual growth. If you work to nurture/develop your natural intuitive skills the delivery of these messages will be easier to receive and clearer to understand/interpret.

Divine Guidance Destiny Card: #5 Alignment
This is the beginning of a very powerful shift, both spiritually and energetically. This is a complete connection and alignment of your higher-self and physical-self. Sometimes this alignment can cause chaos and confusion, but there is no need to worry or feel alarmed with what is happening in your life right now. Everything is moving into perfect order as your spiritual and physical selves align into perfect balance. Once compete, your daily life will be more in harmony with you spiritual path.

Suggested Gemstones To Wear or Carry: Turquoise, Garnet, Rose Quartz and Rainbow Moonstone

Turquoise: A Shamanic, Master Healer and Spiritual Attunement gemstone.

: Courage, Emotional/Spiritual Healing, Love, Loyalty, Release Negativity, Shielding/Protection, Protection from Psychic Attacks and World Healing.

Rose Quartz: Creativity, Emotional/Spiritual Healing, Love, Loyalty, Peaceful Dreams and World Healing.

Rainbow Moonstone: Release Anxiety, Release Negativity, Self-Expression, Protection During Travels, Understanding Destiny, Receiving&Understanding Vision Dreams


Additional Suggestions:
 -This would be a wonderful time to Smudge your home & office from negativity.
 -You may find healing meditations most beneficial to help you release anxieties and frustrations, so you can better focus on the important things going on in your life and our realm.

A general remember I hope everyone takes to heart... We're all accountable for our own actions. No matter how much you like someone or want to be part of a group, you must never turn a blind eye to unacceptable, abusive or destructive behavior.

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