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The free Spiritual Guidance readings began in January 2012. From the beginning I decided instead of asking a general question to base the reading on, I would request this... please gift me foresight that will help spiritually guide everyone who reads this page.

My interpretation of this months reading is posted below. Keep in mind that the reading is meant to play-out over the period of one month. I suggest reading over it at the beginning, middle and end of each month, to see how it relates to the events in your life over this period of time.

I will continue to bring you a new monthly spiritual guidance reading and have it posted on-line by the seventh day of each month, so be sure to bookmark this page. You can also find me on Instagram and Facebook 

Wishing everyone peace in your life, love in your heart and light to guide your way.   
Elizabeth Angela  

September 2017
Spiritual Guidance Reading
 Three Card Tarot Spread

Present Situation (Reverse of II The High Priestess ) An unclear understanding, having doubt in yourself, dependance on the opinions of others and selfish behavior.

Influences (Two of Swords) A Stalemate, an impasse. Neither side willing to compromise - no progress can be made until one chooses to step aside. It is a denial of the truth - an avoidance of what is honest and true.

By End of Month (VI The Lovers) Determining balance and struggling with choices. Clear communication, honesty, trusting in yourself and in your instincts/natural intuition.


Path to the Soul Destiny Card: #9  Light Within
You are awakening to your Inner Light and opening to new levels of spiritual understanding and awareness. Guides and teachers are working with you to assist in this awakening. support is coming in the human form as well. Those who are knowledgeable and experienced will there to offer their support as needed.
The main color of green in the card shows that, to know our own Inner Light is to know our own heart. Enjoy the experience, stay connected and the rest will happen naturally.

Suggested Gemstones To Wear or Carry: Sapphires
White Sapphire
: Supports Morality, justice and freedom from greed.

Blue Sapphire
: Assists one in clear communication and endeavors of diversification.

Black Sapphire
: Provides a grounding force, reliving mental anxiety and dispelling doubtfulness in ones intuition. 


Additional Suggestions:
 -At least once a month it's a good idea to Smudge your home, and also if possible your work space, from negativity.
 -You may find healing meditations most beneficial to help you release anxieties and frustrations, so you can better focus on the important things going on in your life and our realm.

A general remember I hope everyone takes to heart... We're accountable for all of our actions. No matter how much you like someone or want to be part of a group, you must never turn a blind eye to unacceptable, abusive or destructive behavior.

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